Saturday, October 18

Sweet and simple

It's sweetest day.

That's right, the farce of a day that was made up by card companies to sell more cards.

Did you buy your sweetie a gift?

Me either.

I did, however, go to an assisted living center and listen to/sing love songs to the old folks there. Thankfully I was only in the group numbers so I was very relaxed and able to watch as the cutest little old grandpa joined in the singing. I had a couple of moments sneak up on me and blur my eyes with tears, the soft gray heads and wrinkled hands were bittersweet reminders of my grandparents.

When I came home, Eric was making dinner. And doing laundry. ALL the laundry!

Our laundry room is rarely this empty, usually there are stacks of clean clothes, or dirty clothes, or oftentimes stacks of both.

He also did the dishes tonight and sent Josh to clean the upstairs toilet.

Happy sweetest day to me!


*MARY* said...

Today was Sweetest Day? That must be why we had lucky charms for dinner tonight.

Sarah said...

The only reason I knew it was sweetest day was because Eric mentioned it while he was house slaving. hehe

Anonymous said...

Wow your husband really loves you. What a nice sweet man I am err.... he is. This is not Sarah's husband, I am a completely unbiased third party. I love you honey...DOH!!