Tuesday, October 21

Waking up early is for the bees

Whilst upstairs my husband just said to Carly

"oh my goodness did you wake up?"

and Carly replied

"Yeah!" with so much enthusiasm that it is practically dripping down the stairs

I am wondering just WHO thought that starting school pre-9 a.m. was a good idea. And WHO decided that being awake before sunrise was a great way to get more done at work. Because it's just wrong to be awake this early.

And I realize that for some of you, 7 a.m. is like sleeping in. But, I say nay nay. Sleeping in is waking up at the crack of 11 - or 12 on a really good day - and if you are settling for less than that you are just delusional.

For the last hour - that's right I've been up for an hour! (actually more) - I've been thinking that being awake this early is a great opportunity to clean the house since I have guests coming over tomorrow. I haven't done anything about it, but I keep thinking it.

And, I'm totally taking the easy way out. Yes, Cute Pam, please cook the lunch tomorrow. (She really is a great cook).

I am going to make pumpkin soup though, since Eric's eyes practically popped out of his head thinking about it, but just for the family. If the kids don't like it, I can always get out microwave pizzas. If Eric's dad doesn't like it, that won't be anything new. If I don't like it...well you get the idea. So, if you have a great recipe for pumpkin soup (hint Annie *cough*) please post it in the comments.

p.s. thanks for the suggestions everyone :)


That Girl in Brazil said...

Dang it, I'm delusional. For me, 7AM IS sleeping in. (I'm usually up by 6, and sometimes 5 if it's my turn to get the seminary kids.)

So hey, lady, I gave you an award cuz I love ya. Check out my site for a big dose of validation. ;o)

Heather said...

yeah, 7am is my wake up time... not so great, but whatev

*MARY* said...

where's the recipe? it sounds really good, I want to know how to make it.