Monday, October 20

Turning on the oven scares me

What I was thinking of doing was pumpkin soup.

But, if you noticed the title of my last blog, I am not a good cook and I'm scared it will taste bad and no one will ever want to come back to my house again. Ever. I mean, they already are going to have to 'forget' the cobwebs and dust and general abundance of papers. Bad food too? Recipe for disaster, that's what this is.


Today driving over to my voice lessons, I was waiting to turn left at a stop light. Carly apparently felt I was taking much, much to long. From the back seat:

{sigh} "Come on, hon"
{sigh} "Augg! Come on, parent!"

She didn't understand why I was laughing.


taturner said...

"come on, parent" That's awesome!

Annie Valentine said...

I have a FABULOSO recipe for Pumpkin Soup. Try and you should find some great stuff. Good luck and GIVE IT A TRY!

Pam said...

Sarah, seriously I LOVE to cook so if you do the lesson I will take care of the food. Please pretty please