Tuesday, November 25

Doing What's Right for You

aka Why You Shouldn't Listen to Everyone Else and Other Observations

A List

If it just doesn't feel right, it isn't

Every child is different, including yours

Babies cry, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little, deal with it your way

A "normal" child is one that does all the same unexpected things

Getting upset is one way we teach our kids it is ok not to be perfect right now

Yelling sometimes happens to nice people too

Wearing nylons to church looks nice, but it won't get you into Heaven

Nobody wakes up looking like that

Everybody gets mad at their kids, they just don't tell you

That voice that came out of your mouth was your mom's voice. That's ok

You are cool, even if you don't watch the Office

Slamming on your brakes won't make you feel better

Neither will cutting someone off

My list is different than your list

Even the best kids don't listen sometimes

Your daughter doesn't hate you, she just is upset she had to stop playing

You can get by without sleep, but it won't be fun

Finding balance applies to kids, blogs, work, food, life and love


Pam said...

uuuuuu I loved this post! I hope you are having fun with the fam!

taturner said...

Did you come up with that yourself? I like it! Especially the one about the nylons!

That Girl in Brazil said...

May I worship you?

Sarah said...

I did come up with it myself, some are comments to blogs that I didn't actually comment or came up with way after it would have been appropriate to comment. Some are just what I think in general.
And, how about we just call it even on the worshipping? :)