Monday, November 10

Don't you hate it when

Your daughter randomly yells "BEES!"

And then you look up from your computer to see her little three year old bum crouched over a pile of crumbs?

And then when she yells "little tiny bees!" you realize that she is not, in fact, talking about bees.

She's talking about ants.

Little tiny ants.

And you get up to inspect the 'bees' and find that they are swarming all over a crumb (of unknown origin, I might add, I really have no idea just what kind of food it was) and their little trail is leading to the heating vent.

And you wonder just how these small, puny 'bees' can survive in a heating vent that at this very moment is blowing hot air because it's freezing cold outside. It seems like the little 'bees' would be toasted 'bees' by now, but they aren't. Resilient little suckers.

Then, when you vacuum them up with your handy dandy dust buster - the one you didn't use to clean up the crumbs in the first place because you're a terrible, terrible housewife - you wonder if the little 'bees' will survive inside the dust buster. And you feel kind of bad for the little 'bees' because they just got sucked up, all of a sudden while they were trying to move a crumb 5000 times their size, and it probably didn't feel very good.

And when you open the dust buster you find that the little 'bees' are, in fact, alive and well. You begin to feel slightly less bad for the 'bees' because - honestly - shouldn't they at least be acting like they are scared?

And while you dump the crumbs and 'bees' into your trash can you kind of wonder if they are going to crawl out of the trash can and go find a new crumb to eat.

And you figure they probably will. Because you're a terrible, terrible housekeeper.

Don't you just hate that?

You know what I don't hate though? This fun little contest. Visit BlokThoughts to learn more and vote for me even though Mary is going to win cause she might be the funniest half Japanese person I've ever read.


Heather said...

Yes, I hate it all.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HOLY COW...I HATE that! lol! That was great...I'm also a very bad housekeeper...but I can't get myself to change it! :)

Anonymous said...

I do indeed greatly dislike those wingless bees in my house as well. I'm surprised the Carberator did not run screaming about bees in her eye :)

*MARY* said...

Let the bullying begin!
Just kidding. This was a funny story, I'm going to vote for you tomorrow.