Friday, November 14

Four for Friday, vol 13

4 reasons I am excited to go home to New Mexico next Sunday even though it means lots of laundry to catch up on, single parenting for a week {shudder}, and 8 hours of traveling with a child in her terrible 3s {double shudder}:

1. New Mexican food. Not old Mexican food. Not Texican food. Not 'Mexican' food. New Mexican, red or green, food.

2. Mountains.

3. No school. I. hate. school.

4. My family. Duh!

{Edit: Oops! We're leaving on Sunday! Sorry if you read it before Cha-Cha brought it to my attention!}


llegue said...

how long are you staying? Are we getting together?

Pam said...

Yeah for going home!

Sarah said...

About a week and yes please! I'll give you a ring a ling when we're in town.

AMS said...

have fun! i hear things aren't quite the same around the old place. have you gone back often?

That Girl in Brazil said...

So what's with you going home when I'M home. Why did you not consult with me first?

But I will still be here when you get back. Waiting.