Friday, November 21

Four for Friday, vol 14

Four ways to spend your down time, assuming you have some. (If you don't have some, you should make some. Seriously, stuff can wait.)

1. Save the bunny!

2. Shopping for the person that has everything.

3. Shopping for handcrafted items, if you're willing to wade.

4. Go take a nap. That's what I'm going to do, because apparently it's time. At least that is what I take Carly's tantrum to mean.

p.s. for Tricia - making a strikethrough is pretty easy. Using < > where I have { }, insert {s} before the text you want to strike and {/s} at the end of the text you are crossing out.

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taturner said...

Sweet! Thanks! Apparently comment boxes do not have that function enabled, but I will try to remember it for my posts!