Wednesday, November 26

One Eternal Round

At home

...I would be grateful for this almost-sleeping-in time, I would have managed to keep Carly in bed until almost 10 a.m. But here it is not even the crack of 8.

...I would be pouring cereal from a box and adding milk instead of feeding Carly the chocolate bar that was on the nightstand to try and contain her for the other still sleeping people.

...I would be peeking in to see the top of Josh's head beneath his burrito-shell of blankets instead of wondering if he is awake over at Grandma's house.

...I would be ignoring the cleaning that needs done in favor of blogging. Here I am looking at the unmade bed and thinking I should make it as soon as I'm done blogging.

...I would be longing for a blue sky (it must exist behind the perpetual gray of MI winter) but here I can look out the window and see the sun behind some fluffy silver clouds and just a taste of blue-to-come peeking through.

...I would be lounging in my pj's til after nap time, but I don't think my family here would appreciate that.

...I would be thinking of New Mexico, while here in New Mexico I am thinking of home.

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That Girl in Brazil said...

Love it! I might do one of these myself ...