Friday, November 21

Say cheese

I didn't order any school pictures this year. I feel really guilty. I mean, what kind of mom doesn't order the overpriced pictures of her kid that come in the crinkly envelope?


I thought I ordered pictures, but apparently we didn't send in the form or something. Josh brought home an empty crinkly envelope with a teeny tiny picture of him grimacing (he was even sporting an underbite which is clearly not natural and appears kind of painful). By the time the empty envelope showed up at our house, it was too late to dress him up for retake day too. I am half wondering if I should just order a few of the really bad 5th grade pictures just so I can say I have school pictures for this year. Because this would be the first year he doesn't have school pictures to look back at, you see.

I suppose, in the long run, this makes me consistent. Right? I mean, I consistently get him up late and have to rush, I consistently don't make him any breakfast (he doesn't want to eat usually anyhow! I can usually cram a bowl of cereal or a pop tart in him), I consistently yell at him about his homework, I consistently find his violin at home on orchestra day...I'm nothing if not consistent.

I'm working on it.


taturner said...

they say consistency is a good thing.

Heather said...

take him to JCPennys portrait studio and call it good. they usually have coupons for no sitting, free 8x10 and 3.99 sheets. and you can guarantee there won't be an underbite shot. :)