Friday, November 28


How life is like a game of afternoon football
Sometimes you feel like you are going to wipe out. But you don't.

There are days when you try to let things go,
but they don't go the direction you planned.

Quite often you aren't paying attention at the right time.

Other times it feels like you're ready, but you're not.

Of course there are those times when you just don't care about the game.

And then you finally make the connection and it all feels right.


taturner said...

Thanks for the pics. Sometimes I just don't feel like reading. :)

AMS said...

so much fun! glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

That Girl in Brazil said...

I think I may vote this for The Best Thanksgiving Post Ever.

If there was a The Best Thanksgiving Post Ever contest, of course.

When ya comin' home?

hummingbird said...

keep on blogin