Wednesday, December 3

A funny thing happened on the way to the airport

Ethan (my nephew): When I'm bigger I'm going to fly on a plane.
Me: Where will you go?
Ethan: On Southwest.
Me: But where will you go?
Ethan: On Southwest.
Me: Where will Southwest take you?
Ethan: To see Jesus. And there will be a Chuck E Cheese and I'll get tickets.
Me: I don't think there is a Chuck E Cheese on Southwest.
Ethan: Yes there is.


Josh: Some states have funny laws. Like in New Mexico you can't have a certain kind of pickle.
Me: What?
Josh: You can't have the pickles I like in New Mexico.
Me: Yes you can.
Josh: But Uncle Ben said they're illegal.
Me: I think Uncle Ben was kidding.
Josh: No, Uncle Ben said that the kind of pickles I like are illegal.
Me: I think Uncle Ben tricked you.
Josh: (mouth open, dawning comprehension) Ohhh.
Me: He got you good, huh?
(Josh likes dill pickles, btw)


If ever, by chance, 2 three year olds are in the other room being much too quiet it is quite likely they are eating an entire advent calendar's chocolates.

Me: Did you eat Grandma's chocolates? (Trying to sound stern while suppressing laughter is not easy.)
Ethan: I only had one (trying to convince someone you've only had one chocolate with your mouth completely ringed in gooey brown sweetness is nigh impossible.)

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Anonymous said...

Wisdom from the mouths of babes! I want to know where that chocolate calendar was, Grandma always beleives me when I say you are the one who did it (not me!).