Wednesday, December 10

If I didn't have kids

My life would be a lot free-er.

I wouldn't have my own moving parade wherever I go.

I would spend more money on stuff I don't need instead of stuff they don't need.

I'd probably have a job.

I wouldn't have to get up at 8 a.m. so that Josh can go to school.

I'd have more breakable Christmas ornaments.

I wouldn't have a milk stain on my carpet. A giant white milk stain on green carpet, that is.

I wouldn't have to repeat myself so often.

I wouldn't have to repeat myself SO OFTEN.

I would have a much smaller dinosaur knowledge base.

iCarly and I would have a less personal relationship.

I would not have just watched a Hannah Montana preview.

I probably wouldn't have googled 'finger nail painting machine', in particular I was looking for this.

I would have a chair to myself.

I wouldn't step on legos. Well, not as often anyhow.

I'd go to the movies more often.

I would have a smaller laundry pile.

I wouldn't have to say "leave the dog alone!" quite so often.

My life would be a lot emptier.

Less snuggles, less sloppy kisses, less laughter, less birthdays, less lovings.

Less yelling, less running, less driving, less choices.

I wonder if I would celebrate things with less enthusiasm, sing fewer songs, read fewer stories.

I wonder if children make us reach into the 'child' part of ourselves or if it just seems easier when we have an excuse: I'm doing it for the kids!

I'm not sure why I have kids now and not later. I'm not sure why I have 2 kids and other people have half a football team, and still others are waiting for kidlets to come.

I'm betting its part of some plan.

I hoping that chocolate is part of that plan.

But even if it's not, the tears and screams, prayers and despair, rejection, loneliness, fear, lost moments, time voids, sleepless nights, sore back, confusion, stress, headaches, decisions have all been worth it.

And then some.


Pam said...

Are you coming over today? Cause if you are I have a yummy lunch idea. I hope you guys are!

That Girl in Brazil said...

I swear every post of your gets better and better. This should be on a poster. Or a flag.

Loved the imagery of a "moving parade!"

Heather said...

But if you didn't have kids and a job you'd still have to get up early to get yourself out the door. Kids are waaaayyy better! :)