Sunday, December 28

Monday deserves a pink slip

You know that sinking feeling that comes at the end of a weekend? That little ball of dread that says:

Tomorrow is Monday.

You have to get up early. Your husband is going to work. Your kids won't wait, the errands you put off are calling your name, and the floor needs cleaning. Desperately. Don't forget that your bills need paid (they are probably overdue thanks to vigirous pushing out of your mind) and all this needs to be done with a child (or 2) under foot. Or on your hip. Or pulling on your arm. Or crying. Probably the dog too.

Tomorrow is Monday.

And your sister is going home. You have to drive her to the airport, even though you don't want to. Not because it is far out of the way (it is) but because you love her like she is part of yourself, and just sitting here thinking about the empty space she'll be leaving feels like your heart might stop beating. You have to hug her goodbye and then hold on to how it felt. You have to blink the blurry tears out of your eyes because if you cry, everybody cries - not to mention you need to drive (safely) an hour to home because you promised your mother you wouldn't do anything stupid.

Tomorrow is Monday.

And even though you hope fervently that it won't come, it will. In fact it already has.

Today is Monday.


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Good thing you stayed away from those amusement parks - the floor is as fun as it is allowed to be on Mondays :)