Thursday, December 18

Once upon a time

A maiden fair came to live in our house.

She was little, but she grew.

She was spunky, that grew too.

She was sweet, that's usually still in the mix.

She was cuddly, that's never going to change (cross your fingers).

She was perfect.

Perfect for us.

One day her mom and dad decided to give her a Christmas present unlike any other.

They knew exactly what to get her.

They had to work really hard to get it.

They had help from the handsome prince that lived across the hall from the fair maiden.

They sang songs.

They prayed.

They dreamed and schemed.

Next Saturday, December 27 at 2 p.m. we're going to unwrap that long over-due present.


llegue said...

OK..pique my curiosity why don't you!

Lacey said...

which is?

Heather said...

WHAT???? I'm dying.

AMS said...

Oooh, it's gotta be a good one! Make sure and take pictures...I want in on the fun :)