Wednesday, December 31

Summing Up

a year in review.
this year we: flew, drove, swam, moved, got a puppy, blogged, cried, loved, learned, dreamed, shared, complained, visited, gave, received.
this year we visted: new mexico, new york, ohio, arizona, california, disneyland, grandma’s, great grandpa’s new place, el morro, michigan’s u.p.
we loved seeing: the beach, cousins, aunt nancy, uncle george, aunt mary jane, grandparents, long-missed gerhart relatives, the country through our car windows, big california mountains, cha-cha’s new house, friends in new mexico, picture rocks national park, escanaba, fall colors.
we lost some who we love: great grandma and grandpa, uncle jim.
we did some other things: eric won employee of the quarter, sarah sang in a concert choir, josh joined the lego league, carly flipped and sang and danced.
we all got older: eric turned 38, sarah turned 31, josh hit double digits – 10, and carly turned 3.
we met some goals and fell short of others, we plan to try again in 2009
happiest of days to you and yours.

Eric, Sarah, Joshua and Carly

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