Monday, December 8

Things I forgot to do today....again

Call That Girl

Wish my super amazing SIL Angie a Happy Birthday (your gift will be in forthcoming box this month sometime, I hope)

Make my bed (I wouldn't exactly call it forgetting though...)

Send pizza party money to Josh's school

Spend an hour writing (It's my new thing, I've yet to actually try it)

Work on Christmas cards (I could at least address the envelopes or something)

Bring the laundry basket downstairs

Let the dog out

Let the dog in, poor cold goggie

Vacuum the family room (convenient eh?)

Ask about piano lessons

Call about tutors

Spellcheck before hitting publish

Are you beginning to wonder if I remembered to do anything? Me too!


Tami said...

And you need to email Tami about necklace length and bracelet size for Carly's present... ;)

Sarah said...

Gah I forgot that too!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Tis alright. I was a bum today.

Wanna be bums together tomorrow?