Thursday, December 4

Trying something new

I got to have dinner with llegue the other day at my brother's house. Between eating delicious food, playing sculptionary, and admiring her two beautiful children, we talked about a few things. Like politics, and Twilight, and blogging. Her husband, Jerry - who I've known for almost 20 years now a really long time was also there, but he's not really important to the story and apparently doesn't read my blog. What a slacker.

llegue said she doesn't see how I can blog so often. The answer is pretty easy: I ignore my children, my housewife duties and all other related responsibilities so that I can write junk.

Don't playa hate, my method has gotten me this far hasn't it?

In keeping with my method, I created a blog that will be just for posting my scribblin's. You know, that stuff I write that I would love someday to get published. Unfortunately you have to actually finish a project to get it published. Oh, and there is that part about submitting it to agents and publishing companies. Sort of important to the process I'd imagine.

Anyhow, for the faithful few of you that read my blog when there aren't cute kid pictures attached, you can find my new site on the right -------->
It's the first link. 'Cause I'm not selling soap or trips to Disneyland so I might as well sell myself. I'm pretty cheap.

I posted my first thing over there this morning, something I was working on while I was in New Mexico. If you have constructive suggestions, I would love to hear them. If you think it's garbage, please tell me nicely.

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That Girl in Brazil said...

Yeah for writing! Yeah yeah yeah! (Have you checked out Blogger's Annex? You should.) I will read your stuff right now and say in advance that I love it.

P.S. I'm all for hanging out at Pam's next week. Can we say Tuesday? Now - does she read this thing or do we actually have to do something crazy like CALL her? Not sure I can do something AWAY from my computer ....