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If you're Mormon you know exactly what sealing is, if you're not it is a little harder to explain.

In our church we believe that the family relationship can last much longer than "til death do us part." In fact, the whole purpose of life on earth is to come, learn, create family relationships and then return to Heavenly Father after death. After death there is no vision of harps and eternal floating on clouds. Oh, no. This little journey to earth is but a blip on the screen. After this, who knows? Adventures await!

I like to think that when I die there will be a whole gaggle of people just waiting to grab my hand and pull me through. Today at 2 p.m. we took that long awaited, necessary, joyous step of sealing Carly to us forever and ever. And much beyond that. Today, Carly is ours in the eyes of the law, in the eyes of God and bound to my heart with unbreakable ties.

This has been an amazing Christmas. Having Charlotte here was our first wonderful gift. Hours of fun and cooking and sewing and shopping was the second. I got a nice stack of gifts under the tree and then we capped it off with a visit to the Temple, a goal we've been working toward as a family for a while now.

I am so grateful for my little girl in white, my sister in her matching sweater, my little man with chocolate eyes, and my husband who found his way. I am grateful for parents who love the Lord, for brothers who work so hard to be amazing dads, for sister in laws, nieces and nephews, for friends who feel like family.

I stand all amazed.


YAY!! That is so exciting!! Congratulations! That must have been such a wonderful feeling! I can't wait for that day for us! Thanks for sharing one of your most wonderful days with us!
taturner said…
AMS said…
aahhhh! what a wonderful christmas present for ALL of you! Now, that is what this life is all about... and I'd say you've got a bit of heaven right here on earth with your cute, wonderful family! Congratulations!
Heather said…
The dress looks beautiful, glad you shared that present with us, it was perfect.
Pam said…
Sarah thank you for letting Jared and I be apart of this sacred experience. It was truly magnificent!

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