Monday, January 5

And somehow they all miraculously survived

I taught my new class today. I know you've been dying to know how it went, practically beside yourselves with wonder and worry (for the lives of the children I mean).

It actually went fairly well. They were cute, as 4 turning 5 year olds tend to be. They were also enthusiastic, especially when we discussed treats. Once we established that I would - in fact - bring treats if they behaved, they were putty in my hand. Well, they tried to be. But heck, its hard for ME to sit around and listen for 3 hours so they are somewhat excused for occasionally acting like crazed monkeys.

But the bigger news is:

Carly is a Sunbeam. (I know, right? WHAT?) She even knows the song. I'm not going to brag that she was the only one in her class that knew to jump on BEAM, but let's just say the other kids were wide eyed when her feet left the floor. If you know what I mean.

Carly liked Primary, specifically singing time. She didn't particularly like that she wasn't allowed to sit in my lap. Or closing exercises. But other than that, big thumbs up from the DIVA. She was wearing her white dress and when the Primary President started talking about the Temple, Carly was all a-glow wanting to tell everyone that she already went to the Temple. Inside too. She didn't really get her chance to show off, but I think she'll find a way soon.

I mean, she is my child.


Heather said...

Sounds delightful! Our kids also know the exact moment to hop during that song... must be an edgewood influence?

Anonymous said...

Better watch out, I bet Miss Carberator is already scoping out the "big boys" in your class to demonstrate her true love kissing method :)