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Four for Friday, Random Version

1. Today is Fun Friday. It's been fun. No really. We went to a hobby toy store and bought stuff we don't need. THEN we went to Chuck E Cheese, ate really bad greasy pizza and spent 60$ worth of tokens on tickets that we traded in for 5$ worth of plastic toys guaranteed to break in the next day or so. Josh somehow scored a 31$ pirate ship, something to do with his big brown eyes and his father's large soft spot for said eyes. Carly doesn't know if she should be afraid of Mr Cheese or embrace him.

As Mr Cheese walking over casually, looking cool (for a mouse) Carly attempts to meld her body into our legs and vanish. She then begins to scream "No no no no!" When Mr Cheese arrives she says "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I love you!" all while shaking and smiling in that sort of "OH MY GOSH I HOPE MY EYES DON'T FLY OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS!" kind of way. Then, after exchanging high fives, Mr Cheese strolls casually away to terrify other children. Carly doesn't see the direction he went and flings herself to the floor, while screaming again, when Cha Cha calls her over to check out the cheap toys.

I plan to cap Fun Friday with a trip to the bank and eye doctor. Girls Gone Wild might possibly be filming me for it. I'm just saying.

2. Randi directed my attention here. Click it, click it! You know you want to!

3. I applied at Oakland University. I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm trying not to get myself worked up about it. It's only way out of our budget. If somehow they accept me as a sophomore AND we come up with some sort of reasonable plan for financial aid then maybe I'll take some classes come fall. Ducks, row - you get me?

4. Tomorrow is Dad's funeral. People keep saying "Oh you haven't had that yet?" No, no we haven't. I wish we could just skip right over to Sunday. But then on Sunday, Cha Cha goes home. And we can't skip over sad Sunday because on Monday my Dad goes in for a procedure to kick start his underperforming heart. Don't really want to fast forward to that, you know? So, if we could somehow just make it stay Fun Friday for a while I'd appreciate it. Write your congressman.

4fer fit roundup:

Craving: Sweets. Crunchy, chewy, any sweets.

Indulgence: Cupcakes, Twizzlers, a DP the other day and some Mr Pibb. Guess I should have made that indulgence plural.

Landmark: Still haven't bought any DP for 'regular' consumption. Yay me! And, probably owing to the fact that I've been in bed sick a lot this week, haven't really had too many late night snacks this week either.

Goal for next week: Still haven't looked at the site suggested by Lacey or obtained an exercise video/game/routine. I did look at, as Cute Pam suggested, quite a while ago but got kind of information overload. So, I'll try that again once things settle down a little.


Anonymous said…
May I point out they are not "cheap toys", they are treasures for life, or the next 2 hours - including nap time - whichever lapses first. Car-Bar definitely made it out with sparkly jewerely and even shared some awesome barrets with the mommy.

Also, in all fairness the Cha-Cha was the one pushing folks off the sleigh for treats this "weak" :)

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