Sunday, January 18

High Lights and Low Lights

Poppa update included for your convenience.

High Light: Poppa is doing better, he is off dialysis and his kidneys seem to be functioning. He was having some fluid pressure on his brain which is why he was so loopy (see I'm not just making stuff up). They had him on dialysis for a dayish and now are waiting to see if it kick started his kidneys again. Eric went and spent about an hour and a half with him today, he was sitting up in a chair (very good!) and was worried about Eric coming to see him in this weather.

Low Light: They were able to determine that he is NOT a bypass candidate with just the portion of the test they made it through. They will be putting in a defibrillator at the end of next week. He is going to be in the hospital until then and probably for at least another week after it's in. Poppa wanted to know if he was coming back home to us when it was over. Apparently he hallucinated that we were going to put him in a nursing home. Which we're not.

High Light: The weather is very cold but very pretty, sparkling white snow that reflects a zillion colors. The last couple of days have been sloppy and snowy and Ray (or Uncle Row as the kids call him) stayed the night last night rather than driving home in the yuckiness. Eric and Josh enjoyed the sleepover.

Low Light: Josh is sick. Nothing serious, just some drainage and coughing and sore throat. He stayed home from church and slept with a watchful Row keeping vigil. Thanks Row!

High Light: While I was paying Poppa's bills, Carly crawled up on his desk and the Christus statue Poppa keeps there jiggled. Carly said, and I quote, "Sorry Jesus! I'm just trying to get up!"

Low Light: I kicked Carly out of Poppa's room. Jesus might forgive the jiggling but Poppa would have been appalled!

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