Tuesday, January 13

It's all who you know

So we were able to get phone updates today. Apparently we just had a rotten nurse yesterday that didn't feel like sharing. Sharing is good, people. Remember that next time you feel greedy.

Dad had a better day today. They did not do the stomach scope because his blood work was all wonky and they wanted to get his kidneys back on track. They put him on a non stop dialysis machine and got a positive response from his kidneys almost immediately. That is very good news. Tomorrow he is lined up for more testing and evaluating and such.

Eric and Scott were able to spend about an hour with Poppa tonight. He is a little disoriented and feels like he has been there a long time, he keeps wondering what day it is. There are some signs of progress you can't track with blood work and medical tests and we're glad to report that Dad was cracking dirty jokes and asked to have Red Lobster delivered on the sly.

Eric and Scott both came home smiling so we're feeling upbeat for tomorrow.

Bring it on.


AMS said...

good to hear! hope things keep looking up.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Phew. So glad.

Meanie ole nurse ....

Heather said...

What a scare! (i'm reading through the older posts too). I hope things start un-falling apart. Poor Josh, that broke my heart to read his take on the situations.