Tuesday, January 6

How Do You Say It

It's a funny thing, our words.

Fragile and yet unbreakable.

Gentle but sometimes harsh.

Comforting and still painful.

Quick, although at times deliberate.

Kept, a word is golden, a treasure, a measure of our worth and reputation.

Broken, a word can injure, trash, betray, mislead, and damage.

Words instruct and deconstruct, they edify, teach, outline, summarize and simplify.

They misconstrue and mislead, intimidate and dominate.

Words create a mask and can still strip away a disguise.

Both soft and hard, weak and strong, simple and complex - words capture and liberate the reflections of my soul.


Anonymous said...

Deep, but I still want to know if bad is a bad word...

Tami said...

"She's got a waaaay with words..." I love your blog. :) Thanks for making me think about the power of words today.