Friday, January 16

Poppa Report for Friday

Even though we had a "HOLY CRAP IT'S COLD!" day off of school, Cute Pam was nice enough to take both my kids for 2 hours so I could go check in on the Poppadoodle.

Let me just say that hospitals are really sad places. Especially cardiac intensive care units. All the people were old, frail, white haired and sleeping. With oxygen masks and beeping machines. One little old man literally looked like he would shatter if he got out of bed.

Poppa was sleeping hard when I got there. He had a busy morning, according to the nurse. They ran the first part of his heart viability test. For the second part he had to hold his arms up and go through a tube similar to getting an MRI and he flat-out refused to have it done. He didn't show any of this vinegar when I was there, in fact he was so out of it that I became alarmed when the nurse told me his is not on pain meds. He says he has no pain. That's good, I suppose, but he sure seemed loopy to me. They took him off of dialysis for a transfer to another hospital and he was quite swollen and the tips of his fingers were blue/black. The nurse indicated that the kidney people were going to look at him and decide if he should be put back on.

Uh, hello, I'm not a Dr. and I can tell he needed to be put back on dialysis!

Poor little puffy Poppa. They did start dialysis back up this afternoon and he was sleeping when Eric called to see if he was up for visitors. So, we're letting him sleep. We're hoping his body can do some magical self mending.

I felt really helpless while I was there. I helped him get juice, I rubbed his hand, fiddled with his bed but really I was just in the way and holding down floor tiles. But, that's what I have to offer right now. He still can't have a bunch of stuff in the room, intensive care and all, but I'm sure he would love a card if you are so inclined. He does have a phone in his room but is not in any kind of condition to answer. More prayers are always welcome and thank you again for those offered on our behalf.

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Heather said...

It's hard when you feel unhelpful, but I'm sure your presence was appreciated. Who doesn't like visitors?