Friday, February 13

Four for Friday, Pathetic Valentine Edition

The word of the day is pathetic. Back in high school, I was a little too chubby with glasses a little too big and absolutely no confidence. I don't think I was bad looking, I wasn't covered in zits or totally awkward, I was just kind of there. I haven't changed much, actually. (Except for the glasses, those are hot.) Lucky for me, my husband sees past all that and loves me anyhow.

Now that I'm so old and wise, I can look back at this list without self pity. And I wouldn't trade it in for an alternate 90210 existence either.

Four pathetic things I didn't do in high school:

1. Get flowers from a boyfriend/secret admirer on V-day. Do you remember that day, when all the kids in school were getting flowers and balloons all day long? And the rest of us felt like pathetic losers? Yeah, I remember it too! One year my two sweet friends sent me flowers on V-day, I still appreciate it - my one shining moment of non-loserdom.

2. Go to my Senior Prom. I DID go to my Junior Prom with a boy I had a major crush on and "dated" on and off. I was his third choice though, how pathetic is that? The Senior Prom I skipped because a) no one asked me and b) the Junior Prom was a group affair with all my best friends from high school (give or take), how could I top that?

3. Have a boyfriend. Contrary to my family's belief that I was boy crazed, I only ever dated one guy in high school (see above) and that was never a relationship. It was more a flirtation that involved too much kissing and lots of pathetic mooning on my part.

4. Attend a dance with a boy/date. Not even for church dances. I was that pathetic wallflower who watched all her friends get hit on and asked out. I was that pathetic 'friend' to all the boys, hopelessly in love with them half the time and advising them about how to not make their girlfriends (my friends) mad. There was one guy I was head over heels for when I was a Senior. He had NO CLUE, or maybe he did and was sparing my feelings. If, before he left for his church mission, he would have asked me to write and wait, I would have. Fortunately for my life now, he didn't and we are both happily married to other people. There are some things you're never meant to know and do.

4fer fit roundup:

Craving: Dr Pepper! Why oh why did I ever commit to quit!

Indulgence: ^^see above!^^. Oh, and Satan's Baked Goods aka Girl Scout Cookies.

Landmark: I learned a very valuable lesson, quitting the second time is twice as hard!

Goal: Start having breakfast with my kids.


Heather said...

Heck, I didn't even go to the Jr. Prom so you've got that on me.

Anonymous said...

So if that is pathetic where does it leave someone who didn't even rate that much in all the Valentines day in her MUCH longer lifetime? Pitiable, contemptibly inadequate, dismal, feeble, wretched, dejected? The thesaurus is great! At least I have my legos, games, dolls, bike, books, toys, and a Disneyland-Legoland-Universal Studios annual passes (totally unfair according to Josh-boy) to compensate! :)

Sarah said...

Those words would never describe you, dear sister, and you know it! More like amazing, wonderful, fantastic, stunning, gorgeous, thoughtful, kind, splendiforous, awe-inspiring...shall I go on? Anyone would be lucky to have a Valentine such as you.