Friday, February 6

Four for Friday, vol 24



4fer fit roundup:

Craving: Haven't really had one in particular this week, probably because the house has cupcakes and banana bread and chips all over the place. Kinda cuts down on the "I wish I hads"...

Indulgence: My sister and I had a conversation about whether or not the Super Bowl constituted a suitable Dr. Pepper treat occassion. She advised me to stay strong. Ray, aka Uncle Row, didn't get the memo and brought me some for the Big Game. So, I've been dragging behind the wagon this week. I'm not upset about it though because I didn't purchase any more and once it runs out (that's right, it has lasted the whole week til today) I don't plan to stop at the store. All things in moderation, and my whole goal was really to have Dr Pepper be a treat and not a staple so I think I'm on track. (My Dad would call this RATIONALIZATION.)

Landmark: I got new glasses and took some self portraits to get an objective, non mirror, opinion on them. Taking self portraits is an interesting process. I learned that my most common 'pose' looks mad, my fake smile looks really fake, and there was one picture where I looked downright scary mean. However, I think my double chin is a little less double so yay for a mean looking smaller double chin!

Goal for next week: Stay DP clean and get outside at least one day for a walk if the weather allows.


Anonymous said...

I like the glasses! What does the Carly girl think?

Sarah said...

She wants to play with them :)