Friday, February 27

Four for Friday, Weekly News Edition

1.  We are once again house hunting.  The house we are living in now is fantastic.  No, really, it's freakin' amazing.  It is the biggest house I have ever lived in.  In my ENTIRE life.  While I very much enjoy the space (hello, family rooms should be built as part of every house) it is a tad too large at times (dining room? den? empty room, ya that's the way we'll go with it!).  I find that keeping a large house clean is easier.  What kinda logic is that, you ask?  Well, when people have room in their rooms to make a mess they seem to somewhat self contain those messes.  Don't get me wrong, I still regularly have dishes in my sink and toys on my floor but it's so spread out that you don't notice the mess as much.  Our neighborhood is also downright amazing.  Friendly, quiet, close to shopping but not so close that we hear noise.  And walking distance to an elementary school.  Fan tas tic.  BUT (isn't that an awful word?) we can't afford it now that Eric's dad isn't here.  Well - that's not entirely true, we can afford it if we don't eat, have a phone or internet...we have to give up a lot to make it work, in other words.  And I am fond of eating.  In addition, we can probably cut our house payment in half if we buy the right house in the right place.  So, we are once again house hunting. (This house is for rent if you're looking...)  
2.  I've settled the nature vs. nurture debate once and for all.  The answer is C. - God's plan for us.  Because, let's face it, the DIVA is my daughter.  My sister regularly comments that she can't believe how much like me Carly is.  And now I have photographic proof that only my family and a few close friends will understand.  Behold:

 When I was a wee young lass, I was very bald.  No, seriously BALD.  To make up for my lack, I used to wear towels on my head in an imitation of long, flowing locks.  My best friend Kessie had hair to her butt, long brown locks that taunted me with their longness.  And all I had was a towel.  Carly put this towel on and pranced around the kitchen of her own volition.  And I couldn't help but smile.

3.  Everyone wants to know 2 things.  A} what does Eric do and B} how secure is his job these days?
A} You got me.  Something technical with computers and interwebs and fixing stuff for banks and credit unions.  
B}  His job is pretty secure, even in scary Michigan.  The company he works for has very low debt and puts heavy emphasis on family first.  So, it's good.  

4.  We recently attended the annual Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts.  Josh received 4 awards.  Here is his cute self for your consumption.  (Seriously, couldn't you just eat him up!)

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Anonymous said...

There is no more sure truth than a towel on the head!!