Sunday, February 22

I Twitched and Fidgeted A Lot

But I didn't die.  I thought I might for a minute, but it passed.  People even said that I gave a nice talk.  Two people asked for a copy.  I'm thinking that the early morning church schedule must have something to do with it, not enough oxygen in the air at that hour.  Or something.  I'm really glad it's over.  

Here is what I talked about, give or take, in case you really wanted to know.  


Megan, Peter, and Benjamin said...

Yes!! You did Awesome!! It is really hard to get up and speak in front of people, but I would never have known that you were nervous!! Way to go!!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Oxygen has nothing to do with it. I don't think you see yourself clearly, girl. You are gifted - most extraordinarily gifted.