Thursday, February 12


Did you notice that we've added Uncle Heezy aka Scott aka Z-Man (he says everyone calls him that but I never have. I'm humoring him.) aka Eric's brother to my side bar? He wanted me to give you a run down on his 'stats'. You know, in case you're single and looking. Oh, and rich - that'd be good.


Age: ?1 - on the "up slope" he says. He's older than Eric but younger than 50. Smart people can figure it out.

Height/Weight: 5'5" OR 6 foot if that turns you on, 180 lbs

Hobbies: Dogs, eating, cars, eating, fixing stuff, eating, motorcycles, eating, girls, eating (seriously, the man eats more food than anyone in the house and never gains more than a pound or two. Its so very very wrong. I feel a little better about it when he gets really bad heart burn. But, only a little.)

Looking for: A good cook, sense of humor, must love dogs, doesn't mind playing second fiddle to a car. Oh and this (but he says bookshelf, not big).

You should know: Scott is great with kids, great with fixing stuff, a little bit hyper and a lot crazy. We sure like him. You will too. Even if he never gains a pound.

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