Wednesday, February 25

Welcome to the Interweb

Culture has changed.  People have changed.  Just today I was talking with Cute Pam and Amazing Amy about slang terms and common names.  Like Richard.  

There are tons of fun slang terms out there to use that don't feel like swearing.  Interweb is one of those terms.  Apparently "interweb" is what you get when you merge "world wide web" and "internet."  And "blog" is an abbreviation of "weblog."

Some more fun words you can incorporate into your everyday vernacular:

Yellular - the loud voice you adopt when you have a bad cell phone connection.

Laundry limbo - intentionally rewashing clothes that you don't feel like putting away (I may have done this before, shhh)

Noob, nub, nob, newb - a person who is new to a game, or lacks the skills to be competitive in a game, or who tends to whine/complain when beaten at a game.  Also used in a joking way to refer to someone who made a silly mistake.

Pwn - (pronounced to rhyme with "own") - dominate, destroy - used especially in internet gaming or the T house.  (Even Poppa used to say it)

meme - an idea that is spread from blog to blog or an internet information generator (like one of those "how well do you know your husband" "only answer with one word" surveys)

Now that I have edumacted you, I am off to "troll" The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.  Happy "lurking"! 

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