Wednesday, March 25

And that's when the Easter Bunny stopped coming to my house

I am not ashamed to admit that today I ate 2 cadbury eggs. In a row. Not the little ones (those are also quite good, I might have had 1 or 2). The big cream filled ones that look like a real egg when you crack it open. Except it's not a real egg inside (that would be gross), its creamy, sugary goodness. And food coloring.

I ate these eggs because stressed spelled backwards is chocolate.

Okay, so maybe stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
Chocolate desserts.


Megan, Peter, and Benjamin said...

Oh my gosh!! Those are my most favorite Easter candy ever!! Although, they don't make them the way they use to be....remember when they would ooze down your hand and you had to hurry so that it didn't go down your arm....I miss those days! My lovely husband knows of my love for those and brought me two on Monday....and I didn't feel the least bit guilty eating both of them right then and there! Thanks for I know I am not as crazy as I thought I was!

Heather said...

I like those too. I'm totally into the Reese's PB Eggs too. Good stuff.