Friday, March 6

Because That Girl made me

As a dutiful servant and follower I put forth:

Things I like about myself

Sometimes I say funny things when I actually meant to be funny.

I can write a short story or story opening like no other.

I love my kids. A lot.

I am much better at keeping a clean house than I used to be. It's not perfect but I always try to keep it clean enough that I won't be embarrassed by a surprise visitor.

I can usually sing on pitch. Or close enough that I blend in.

I know my way around a computer.

I like the color of my eyes, brown and green and sometimes in between.

I'm not mean to my mom anymore.

And that is all.


That Girl in Brazil said...

I could come up with more, but I don't want to make you uncomfortable. ;o)

Seriously, WHEN will you see yourself clearly?!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind speaking up on this one - I agree you are not thinking clearly. Perhaps you need some macaroni and cheese?

How about:
- That you have an awesome principle squeeze that gave you/shares those childern to love so much?
- That you stamp a wickedbad parchment?
- That you know how to drive a stick shift - well?
- That you are a Joneses?
- That you are taller than the QOL?
- That you are a firepit queen,and your parents trust you with that power?
- That you are level infinity more than pizaa and chocolate in WOW, AND that you started your own successful guild?
- That you were chosen and worthy of the title "wife" and "mother"?
- That you no longer need to wear towels on your head?

More hints avaialble upon request...