Tuesday, March 31

The End of March

Today I am tired.

Tired of dog food.

Tired of bills.

Tired of uncertainty and worries.

I could go without seeing any more gray clouds.

And I'm really over this dead grass in my yard.

I am tired of the news, which always seems bad despite the news caster's smiling faces.

Tired of housework.

Tired of whining - even my own.

I wish I didn't have to zip coats.

Or make dinner.

Or clean toilets.

I wish the bed would make itself.

And the floor would somehow suck up all the dirt without the vacuum in my hand.

I'm tired of wearing the same clothes.

And shoes.

I am tired of thinking about packing.

Tired of going through stuff we don't need.

Tired of watching commercials on TV.

Tired of the same songs on the radio.

So many things to be tired of.

So many things to be grateful for, too.

Funny how that works.


Pam said...

This is exactly how I have felt the last few days. I know tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe you and I and some other women go on a womens weekend where we do nothing but everything :)

Sarah said...