Sunday, March 1

I Humbly Accept the Nomination as Your Next Economy Czar

I figured out how to solve America's economic crisis AND it's obesity epidemic all at once.  It's quite simple really - pay Americans to lose weight!

No, no - think about it!

Your everyday American wants to lose a little weight but with the economy being like it is, they can't afford those pricey diet programs.  So, Big Brother doles out a monthly stipend that continues until you reach your goal weight so long as you continue to make progress each month.  Once the 'employee' reaches their goal weight, they'll be so motivated to live life that they will get married, have kids, get comfy and gain back the weight.  Big Brother re-employs our comfy American, injecting money into the system and removing fat from healthcare costs in a never ending cycle.

Am I brilliant or what?!

1 comment:

Pam said...

I say you are brilliant!