Monday, March 9

Things Un-Seen

Our little appreciation sessions have become my favorite part of the day. And when you consider just how much I love naps, that's really saying something. I think the thing I like best is that I am usually surprised by what my kids come up with. Joshua especially.

He's growing up, he's becoming a thinker, he's breaking away from Mom's opinion. It's a fascinating, frightening, fantastic process. He's becoming a little man.

On Sunday Josh told me that he appreciated how much I liked/talked about the dinner he made. That's right, he made dinner for us. (With a little help from The Ringleader). He locked me in Eric's office and conjured up a feast of taquitos, mini cheeseburgers, corn on the cob and fruit. Delish.

Joshua's flair for recognizing the perfection of ordinary things got me thinking. It made me look around at things I take for granted, things normally unseen that are right in front of my preoccupied face.

I'm grateful for light switches. Think of how your life would change without them!

I'm thankful for warm blankets.

Big windows.

Trash cans.

I'm really loving hot showers.

And cereal in big boxes.

Shopping carts that let me hug my baby and kiss her forehead while we stroll the aisles.

Hair ties.


Locks on my door.



Cupcakes and sprinkles and creamy yellow frosting.

Cupcake tins to bake them in.


Ice cubes.

Hangars and clothes I never wear.

Storage totes.

Candy dishes.

Sleeves that keep my arms warm for hugging.

Smoke detectors.

So many little things that make up my day, unnoticed. Filling space, filling functions, filling life with ease.

I am so blessed.

“I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives” - Tracy Chapman

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