Wednesday, March 18

Waking Up

Funny how when life is laid out before you, a feast of granted wishes suddenly at your fingertips, you hesitate.

Surely it is not that easy.

Roads are forked, not straight. Paths are rocky, not smooth. Dreams don't just come true one day, suddenly.

Do they?

And yet they do.

Witness: A boy of 10 with eyelashes to make my mother-heart swoon, a boy who wants to know when the dog will "stop being in heated."

Witness: A girl of three, impish and sweet in the same breath, with bouncing braids and enough sass for two.

Witness: A husband of mine, imperfectly perfect, works to give me home.

Dreams do come true, they really do.


Heather said...

What?? I need more details. So exciting.

That Girl in Brazil said...

Love this.