Tuesday, April 14

Dear April

Where are your beaming rays of sunshine?
Your budding flowers?
Your baby tree leaves?
When did "April Showers" become the rule
Rather than the exception?
I had hoped that gray skies were reserved for
But here they are again.
You tease me with sunshine
Trickling through my window early in the morning
And gone by afternoon.
You tempt me with blue skies on Sunday
Then rip my heart from my chest on Monday
With cold, damp clouds.
Dear April,
How about some spring?


Cinda Nethercott aka Mom said...

Man, it's sucks here too! What is up? I do love this little poet sorrow of yours though, very accurate!

Cinda Nethercott aka Mom said...

Oh, btw, I linked your lovely thought with mine on my blog today. I hope you don't mind. It made my day!

Marie said...

april showers
bring may flowers.

It will be nice to enjoy the smiles along with all the trials . be happy to see all places warm up, inside and out.