Sunday, April 19

Dear Heather,

There is magic in a blog, all wrapped up in these words and thoughts and feelings.  There is the binding power of friendship and family in a blog, wisdom and choices at the cross roads of life.  There are common experiences and words that could have come from my own heart.

Maybe sometimes we write about nothing at all.

Maybe sometimes the stories we share aren't funny to anyone but the person who typed it up.

Every now and then we make each other gag on the sweetness of cute kids or we annoy each other with our snarkiness.

But mostly, there are smiles and laughter and an exchange of troubles for joy.



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Heather said...

Wow. I'm kind of feeling all hoity toity now, never had a blog all about me. Well, at least one that wasn't written by me. Thanks.

I like blogging, I think I'll stick it out.