Friday, April 10

Operation Creation

It isn't really the thought that counts. It's the doing.

Case in point - I have been thinking about this contest that I want to submit a short story to. I have thought about it a lot. I have run over the story line in my head, rehearsed scenes in my imagination, and I have even gotten a few of them out on paper.

I have 2 more days.

2 days to tie the threads together. 2 days to read the fine print, correct the many typos and grammatical errors, 2 days to sully up my nerve and actually submit the thing.

I already know I'm not going to win the short story contest. I can only imagine how many brilliant submissions they are going to get, how many will dwarf mine with their fluid style and clever puns. So there's another thought that's bouncing around in my head.




But, it's not the thought that counts. It's the doing.


Lacey said...

Do it! Do It! Do it!

and then tell me where to vote...

Anonymous said...

I'll take back your super duper birthday present if you don't try. I'll tell Josh on you, too :)