Monday, April 20


My heart is thrumming in my chest.

My baby girl is sleeping on the floor beneath a red stripe-ed blanket.

Outside the sky is dotted with so many stars you can not possibly count them.  And we picked one out to name it Carly's Star.

My cheeks are warm from a day spent in the sun, climbing up and down stairs, opening closet doors and turning on faucets.

My belly is full of tamales and sopapillas.

My signature is inked and dotted, the T's crossed, boxes checked because we did find a house.  An almost perfect house with everything we need and most of what we want.  No SpArKlEs but definitely some flair and a room Carly approves of for her own.

My heart is thrumming as I wait to see if our offer was accepted, as I wonder if this is really happening or if it is just a fancy soap-bubble dream.


That Girl in Brazil said...

I hope I hope I hope! Then we'd be neighbors. (Sorta kinda.)

llegue said...

Are you here??? Where is the house???

Sarah said...

I am :) It is in Holly Hills, we accepted their counter offer this morning and now it is just paperwork! Yay! Can't wait to have you over for whining and dining!

Heather said...

HOLLY HILLS... talk about a blast from the past. Seriously, did you have to mention the sopapillas and tamales? I'm feeling deprived.

Sarah said...

I know, right! Can't you almost hear the Fighting Pinto fight song mixed with church dance music?