Thursday, April 16

The Post In Which I Wish for a Time Machine

Or white-out for my mouth

This morning Josh had to write down his spelling list for his spelling test. Sounds complicated, right?

Spelling is not Josh's strong point. He has a difficult time getting words from the brain to the pencil to the page. It's that whole ADD thing. It is NOT that he can't form ideas, he is very verbally articulate and always has been. He has a raging imagination and comes up with some brilliant stories and ideas. Getting them down onto paper, however, is like...How can I explain it?

It's like trying to get Carly to sleep all night long in her own bed.


Trying to get a cat to take a bath while retaining all your skin.


Trying to walk, chew gum and blow bubbles all at once.

These things are technically possible but take some skills. Mad skills.

We went over the list earlier this week and he missed maybe 3 out of 20. Pretty good for a start, I thought. Surely he will be going over the list at school, I thought. We don't need to study every day, I thought. I don't need to hammer this list into his head, I thought.

Apparently I should have been less thoughtful.

This morning, as he was writing down his list, I said: (Brace Yourselves)

"You're going to fail this test Josh."

Dun, dun, dun.


I really wish I could rewind and take it back. I tried to make up for it and cover it up.

"If you don't study this at school," I added.

"You'll do fine if you go over these before the test a lot."

"You knew these with no problem earlier this week."


Sometimes, I just really suck at this whole mom thing.

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Anonymous said...

Man-o-man, I'm sorry! Everybody has those moments. Remember, learn, and be more proactive to prevent it in the future is all that we can do in life... It will work out if you just keep trying. Take him out for an ice cream date and let him know you love him and know he can succeed!