Monday, April 6

Probably the funniest conversation I've ever had with my son

went something like this:

Me to Josh: Come here!

Josh to me: Just a second, I am getting clean underwear.

Me: What?

Josh: I am getting some clean underwear.

Me: Why?

Josh: Because I want some clean underwear on.

Me: Why do you need clean underwear?

Josh: I just want clean underwear.

Me: {snickering, laughing out loud, chuckling}

Josh to me: I'm not coming over there if you're laughing at me!


Jamie Lyn said...

He is so funny!!!! Thats souds likes something Ethan would say except Ethan will tell u they stink or something just to chanage his pants.... So when are u getting here!

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming this represents a double jump in progress with him in this area - both to actually choose to wear under-roos, and extra credit for wanting them to be clean.

Sarah said...

lol the irony of the moment is certainly not lost on me :P