Wednesday, April 29

The Twenty-Ninth of April

Eric sent me a text message this morning

"2 years ago to the day"

And, half asleep I didn't know what he was talking about.

Two years ago in April 

Today was a sunny day

It was Sunday

The house was quiet

Carly was still asleep

Josh was on the couch, playing in his quiet self-absorbed way

Eric was at the hospital

With his dad and brother

Watching his mother slip away

By now, on that day, they had already called to tell me she was gone

By now, I had already told Joshua

By now, my heart had broken into sharp pieces and reassembled itself in the 'after' configuration.

Today, it's sunny again

Carly is playing with the dog

Eric is at work

Josh is at school

So many things have changed

And many remain the same

The march of time

Never ceases, never slows, never pauses to remember

2 years ago to the day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No words can ever touch the hole left in the hearts that she loved (and that obviously love her back), but I have no doubt that she would expect us to spend time thinking of her not in the sense of what might have been, but instead of all the happiness and fun that truly was. Is it not the things that were that make it possible to be sad when they are missing? And if you don't listen she'll find a knife, or other object to break a kitchen light with :)