Friday, May 29

Cute enough to eat

I don't often post pictures of Carly's do - mainly because by the time I finish with it I'm finished with it. But this time, I had to share. I found these super cute heart beads at a big craft store I went to. Carly loves them and spends a lot of time shaking her head to hear them rattle. I love their bright, happy colors and the shape is a nice departure from normal, everyday beads.

This took almost the whole movie of Bolt to complete. Lucky for me/us, it usually lasts for about a week before it gets frizzy and has to be taken out for washing/re-styling.

Twists are actually really easy once everything is parted and tangle free. Braids are harder for my fingers and I still don't know how to do corn rows. But someday, I vow. Someday!


Anonymous said...

Eat a bite for me :)

You need to include in your report on the Joshy camp experience the answer to the eternal question: did they toughened him up enough to be able to pick up squishy peaches yet?

Heather said...

Seriously, how did you get so lucky to have that sweet little face staring at you everyday?? She is to DIE for, just wanna eat her up!