Thursday, May 21

Digital Annoyance

Sometimes things get stuck in my head and just sit there like a washing machine stuck on the spin cycle. Today is one of those days when I have so many questions and never any suitable answers.

Why oh why -

- do people wait til the very last minute to ask for that ONE MOST IMPORTANT of all forms?

- and then make it sound like it is YOUR fault they never got the form they never sent?

- does this room feel smaller when it actually has LESS stuff in it today?

- do I feel annoyed with my daughter when she's not really doing anything to bug me?

- does the dog have to do her business on the floor?

- can't I get motivated to pack up the junk in my room that stares me in the face every day?

- can't anyone remember the DARN toilet paper!? including me

- didn't I look at the roll BEFORE I sat down?

- can't dinner make itself, just this once?

- isn't there ever enough food to last a week, even though the cupboard looks full?

- can't I buck up and give up DP all the way?

- did I do that!!?

- am I so freakin, frackin, crazy bugged today?

I guess the potion wore off.


Anonymous said...

Somebody needs some good couch time.

I think there was some sort of warning on the FF bottle about constant use :)

Those loan people love to save up the last day surprises - they did it to me too. ("Oh, it's been 44 days and you want to close today - I need this and this and this first")

If you didn't want a dog to do the business on the floor, you should have got a boy so he could do it on the wall.

Pam said...

I had seriously the same exact kind of freaking, fracking, crazy bugged day!