Friday, May 8

Four for Friday - I Can't Think Straight Edition

Four things that have my brain scrambled:

1. Suddenly, walking through Target I started to feel not well. Not well at all! And even being in Target, my very favorite store, could not make those feelings go away. They just got worse. Oh, the humanity of it all! Not in Target! My lower back on the left side - let's just say we are not friends right now. And my head, it's sort of spinning.

2. It really sucks that I don't feel well. Because I was going to stop over at Amy's house and flirt with her couch. And now that's just shot to heck, isn't it? Darn you, whatever is making me feel sick, not only did your ruin my Target Shopping Experience you also denied me a moment with my favorite couch.

3. The dog is whining at the back door. And I don't want to let her in. Because she jumps on me. And nothing makes your hurting lower back feel better like a dog jumping straight into your midsection.

4. I hate it when I feel like this. For two main reasons: I don't feel well at all (duh) and I always think, just for a painful few moments, 'maybe I am pregnant.' And then I take a test. And then it's negative. And then I remember that - oh yeah, I'm not really good at making babies. And that makes me feel worse.

In honor of not feeling well, I am going to shut off this computer, put my feet up on the ottoman and hope Carly stays out of trouble for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Some people will do anything to get out of cleaning the bathrooms (like me), but marring a Target stop is a bit extreme :(

Hope you feel better fast, you have my full sympathy!