Saturday, May 16


There is something going on that I just don't understand. I think it might be part of a left-wing-right-flipper-back-room-upside-down conspiracy. Yes, it's just that big.

What is up with all the bloggers who give away stuff!?

I linked you that amazing free laptop giveaway, I was pimped out all across Twitter, Facebook and my own blog. For that amazing free laptop I was willing to go the distance. I entered a contest for a free Prada bag (well, possibly Prada). I have entered, via comments, a few other blog contests. I even know someone that won something. But, I never have (I think that's part of the whole conspiracy thing).

Where do the bloggers get these free, amazing things to give away? I don't have loads of free stuff sitting around my house. I might have taken about 2 trunks full of stuff to the Salvation Army but that was, you know, used stuff. That my kids most likely slobbered on at some point. I only give that stuff away to charity.


Pam said...

I won a bag of chocolate covered popcorn from Shay Morris's food blog, but that was only because I was the only one who commented :)

I had a blast last night. Good times!

Sarah said...

We had a GREAT time too!