Tuesday, June 2

Good News

We mailed back our closing documents today. By Friday we should officially be funded homeowners. Yay us!

The other good news of my day: Cute Pam just had her gazillionith girl today. Ok so it was only number five but when all five are teenagers at the same time, I'm betting it feels like a gazillion.
Anyhow, congrats Pam! Little Eliza Rose has serious old lady face - funny how newborns all do look like shriveled old people but in a cute new baby kind of way. I'm really quite sad I won't get to see Eliza grow into a plump, squishy baby (except through pictures and blogs, but that's just not the same).

I feel a bit of melancholy today - what with babies and the certainty of signed documentation. I was looking at the trees, so many here, green and glorious in the variety and I already miss them.


That Girl said...


I'm watching the four girls tomorrow. We might go to Boulan Park. Wanna come?

I should look up your phone number ...

Sarah said...

That would be fun! Gimme a ringaling when you go.