Monday, June 29

Obvious Observations for post 400

First of all - 400? Really!? Gosh I talk too much!

- Moving is not fun. I mean, once you get past the picking out new houses and such. The packing, unpacking, losing, dinging furniture up and general upheaval ranks right up there with getting a splinter under your fingernail.

- New Mexican food = Yum. Especially Blake's Lotaburger. It's like heaven on a bun.

- I don't have enough closet space. Not for clothes, for the other stuff.

- I have too much stuff!

- Family. It's just great. Truly.

- People are nice. Mostly.

- Dear memory foam pillow top, you have saved my life. Thank you.

- Rain makes everything prettier - when it doesn't happen every day.

- Kidney stones, well those suck. Especially when you live 45 minutes from the nearest facility that provides legal drugs. Just ask Eric (who drove himself to the hospital for mercy because he didn't want to wake the kids up).

- I need more nails to hang things up. Or less things to hang.

- Hey Cute Pam, I found the other red boot. I keep meaning to email you and forgetting. I hope you kept its mate.

- That is all.

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