Wednesday, June 10

Will My Insurance Cover That?

I've got a serious case of the Don't Wannas.

I don't wanna make dinner.

I don't wanna clean the family room.

I don't wanna go outside.

I don't wanna read a book.

I don't wanna pack stuff.

I don't wanna finish fixing Josh's border.

I don't you really need me to go on? I didn't think so.


I think it's spreading too. When I told Josh to go outside and play, what do you suppose he said?

"I'm an indoor person" "How long do I have to stay out there, like in minutes?"

I've heard the cure for Don't Wannas is to just get up and do stuff anyhow. Eventually you shake it off and feel better.

But I don't wanna find out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think it's genetic, sort of like me not beign stubborn...